General Information


About Luskintyre Airfield

Luskintyre Airfield was established in 1977 and is a 228 acre privately owned airfield near Newcastle in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Luskintyre’s aim is the preservation and operation of vintage aircraft – particularly theDe-Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth. The property has numerous hangars including Luskintyre Aircraft Restoration’s hangar which contains a number of vintage aircraft under construction. Luskintyre Aircraft Restorationspecialise in restoring vintage aircraft with his own special style of old fashioned craftsmanship but using modern methods and materials.

The aircraft and airfield facilities are privately owned and the intent of all aircraft owners is that the airfield be seen as a “Flying Museum’.  There are no commercial flying operations conducted at the field and commercial joyflights cannot be undertaken.

Our Workshop

Our workshop, Luskintyre Aircraft Restoration, operates from Luskintyre Airfield and is run by Matt Webber. Matt took over from Ray Windred in 2009 and undertook to build on the legacy that Ray and Wellwind created over almost three decades.

Luskintyre Aircraft Restoration specialise in the restoration and maintenance of vintage aircraft, in particular Tiger Moth’s. Matt, and many in his team are also pilots and enjoy socialising at the airfield as much as everyone else.

Ray Windred

Ray operated the workshop prior to retiring in 2009, Ray is still a regular vistor to the workshop, continuing his association with the airfield from the early 80’s. Ray, being a motor mechanic and a lover of old machinery and vehicles, perhaps had a natural progression to restoration of the Tiger Moth.  Since opening the workshop in the Weldon hangar in 1985, Ray has restored approximately 22 DH-82 Tiger Moths.

Ray has an international reputation for meticulous workmanship and an ability to identify parts. During his time in the workshop Ray needed to investigate and develop techniques to fabricate many components no longer available.  Demonstrating Ray’s commitment to the Tiger Moth, he would often spend many hours on the phone giving explanations of various problems to owners around the world.