Flying at Luskintyre

Let’s Keep it Safe!


Area Familiarisation

Luskintyre Airfield is an all over grass field, with 2 identified strips being, 12/30 (800 Metres) and 16/34 (975 Metres). 12/30 is the primary runway and unless conditions dictate, is preferred to minimise noise over neighbouring properties.

The field can be boggy following prolonged rain periods, and if unsure of field conditions contact should be made prior to landing to ensure no damage to the field or your aircraft.

The closest licensed aerodrome is Maitland (YMND). Maitland Aerodrome is located 4 NM to the East of Luskintyre, has two sealed runways, runway lighting on RWY 05/23, and is serviced by the West Maitland VOR/NDB Navaid. Other local airfields include Cessnock Aerodrome and Elderslie Airstrip.

Luskintyre Airfield has tie downs available; emergency hangarage.

Accommodation is available by prior arrangement. There are also many accommodation options available locally.

Key Information

  • WAC: 3456; Co-Ords: S:32° 40′ E:151° 25′
  • CTAF: 122.65 (Shared with entire Lower Hunter Valley)
  • Elevation: 100 feet
  • Primary Runway: 12/30 800 metres all over grass
  • Secondary Runway: 16/34 975 metres all over grass
  • Windsock: adjacent to RWY 12/30 near vineyard
  • Circuits: to the north, RWY 12 left circuits, RWY 30 right circuits
  • Be neighbourly – do not overfly houses, be conscious of noise, and consider livestock- especially horses.