We’re Open

For Visitors


Have Fun

Luskintyre Airfield is not like most other airfields, and chances are not like any you have experienced.

There is nothing commercial about the airfield- it is all about creating a place where people with a love of aviation can meet, talk, and fly together. There are also a huge range of experienced pilots, from a range of backgrounds who frequent the airfield who are more than willing to share their experiences and provide advice to budding pilots.

The majority of the aircraft on the airfield are vintage. In fact, Luskintyre has the most operational Tiger Moths in one place on the planet. There are also many other special aircraft including older Piper’s, Yak’s, and the infamous Breezy.

Most weekends there will be some activity, but to make the most of your visit try to coincide with one of the Lunch with the Tigers weekends.

But Take Care

While we love having visitors, it is paramount that you are aware that when visiting Luskintyre Airfield you are within the vicinity of an operational airfield.

Upon entering the premises you acknowledge the dangers inherent of an operational airfield and are aware of the risks, hazards and dangers of personal injury, and potential death associated with an operational airfield. This is an aircraft movement area.

Be alert at all times of aircraft especially when on the runway and use caution at all times.

Entry to premises is at your own risk. The proprietor accepts no responsibility for injury or damage.

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